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"Rolf Hochhuth, 32 year old German playwright, discusses his work "The Deputy" with political scientist Hannah Arendt. Hochhuth's play, just opened in New York City, (1964) attracted a great deal of attention by its theme-- that Pope Pius XII did so little to protest the extermination of the Jews by Nazi Germany as to amount to complicity in the holocaust. On a larger canvas Hochhuth says "Pius is a symbol of all men who are passive when their brother is harmed." Arendt, a dean of the political scientists in the United States, teaches at the University of Chicago and is the author of "Human Condition" and "On Revolution". The conversation is in English, with Hochhuth's words receiving simultaneous translation from German. 1964."

Title: Rolf Hochhuth discusses his play “The Deputy” with Hannah Arendt

Reference: 640315


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